With a professional history of working right here in Melbourne, as a Copywriter, and writing for multiple industries,  Julie has the CREDIBILITY and SKILLS to assimilate with who you are – no matter what your business, and no matter what the writing task entails.  She’ll analyse what you need, and deliver content that works for you!  Continually referred by the TOP Business Coaches in Australia, to their clients, you’ll find a boutique and personalised service delivery that meets the brief, and goes way above expectations every time!

Use your time as a business owner to get on with doing what you do best, and invest in a Copywriter to save you from stressing about how to put a persuasive and more competitive spin on what you want to say.


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  •   Website Content
  •   Voice Over Scripts for Corporate Videos
  •   Blog Posts
  •   Voice Overs (as your Presenter)
  •  Press Releases
  •   LinkedIn Profiles & Summaries
  •  Brochures
  •   Client Information letters
  •  Newsletters
  •   Proof-Reading/Editing
  •   Formatting
  •   Speeches
  •   Resumes
  •   Product Launches/Event Recounts
  •   Tender Cover Letters
  •   PowerPoint Presentations
  •   Calls-to-action & Taglines
  •   Event Recounts

“I’ve never been able to explain what I do to others because my industry is quite diverse, and complex.  Julie verbally took my history and created a LinkedIn Profile that is my go-to for anyone who asks who I am and what I do.  Their reactions to my profile always makes me smile.  I’m good at speaking, but she just does magic when it comes to writing stuff that gets attention in all the right ways.  It’s honest, and it explains my experience without seeming I’m bragging.  Julie’s a master of using words to convey messages that are personalised, persuasive and real!   She’s a marketing genius with words.”  Steven Duckworth, International Logistics Manager

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